How can Travel CUTS create an innovative marketing plan for the launch of its new website?

Marketing, Consulting, Social Media
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The Challenge

Do you know how to stand out from the crowd? Travel CUTS wants your help. Whether you've got a background in social media and marketing or a passion for travel and creative thinking, make sure to check out this Challenge!

The author with the winning idea will begin a paid internship at Travel CUTS – where they'll have the chance to bring their Challenge submission to life! Two other finalists will win $250 gift certificates for use on!

The Question

How can Travel CUTS create an innovative marketing plan for the launch of its new travel website?

Whether you're arranging a short trip for the weekend or a voyage around the world, making travel plans can be pretty confusing.

The new Travel CUTS website is all about simplicity, helping customers get access to the information they need while avoiding the complexity of a traditional online travel agency website.

The team at Travel CUTS knows that students and grads aren't just big travelers, they're also experts on how young people navigate online. That's why they want your help to make the most of this new initiative and showcase how easy it can be to plan a trip!

What Travel CUTS is looking for

Part of what makes this Challenge so exciting is that Travel CUTS is looking for a totally unique idea – so you don't have to have a background in marketing or social media to participate!

While social media and marketing are part of the Challenge, you'll also need to look at new ways of connecting with clients, sharing opportunities and more.

Besides offering you a chance to tackle a popular kind of problem in a unique way, this Challenge is a great opportunity for you to learn a little bit about the basics of social media and email marketing, as well as user engagement!

In addition to getting your creative brain working, this Challenge also asks you to use your critical thinking and analysis skills.

A great submission will touch on all of these details in presenting a unique overall package – and indicate some clear ways you'd analyze the success of your plan.

Getting started

Travel CUTS wants to stand out in a competitive market. For your first step, look at the competition! What are their goals? Do they have a target audience? How do these details influence their social media and marketing initiatives?

Next, think about what Travel CUTS can do to really shake up the field. How does their brand challenge the competition? How will their new website position them as a leader? Most importantly, how can you help people recognize what makes their attitude to travel planning unique? Don't just restrict your thinking to students!

Don't be afraid to draw on your own experiences as a traveller. If you're familiar with the travel agency space, challenge the way "everyone" does things! What would you love to see when you plan your next trip? How would you identify the travel agency that fits your needs?

If you aren't such a seasoned jet-setter, make the most of your fresh perspective! How can a travel agency and their website support you as a travel newcomer? What's the best way to present the information you need, without being overwhelming?

Remember: the goal of this challenge is to find a unique approach to connect Travel CUTS with a youth audience. How you get there is up to you!

Ready to get cracking?

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