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Challenges is a new platform that allows you to gain experience, stand-out to employers and win prizes.

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No experience, no job.

No job, no experience.

It's hard to show employers that you have what it takes when you're trying to hatch your career.

TalentEgg Challenges can help!

Take part in a Challenge and solve real problems by applying what you've learned in the classroom.

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Win prizes

As a winner or finalist, you receive prizes and showcase your skills – while gaining real experience.

Get Credentials

More importantly, participating in TalentEgg Challenges allows you to gain skills and experience that you can add to your resume. It's the easiest way to gain credentials!

Build your skills

TalentEgg Challenges is a new way for you to build your skills and prove your potential as you make the transition from school to work.

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What is TalentEgg Challenges?

TalentEgg Challenges is a new career development platform that allows you to gain experience, stand-out to employers and win prizes by participating in real Challenges created in partnership with innovative companies.

By taking part in a Challenge, you have the opportunity to prove your worth and get something to show for it. As a student or recent graduate, it can often be difficult to verify your skills and show employers how the theory learned in class relates to the jobs you're interested in. Challenges bridges that gap for you and helps you stand out to potential employers.

If your submission meets the minimum criteria, you'll receive an email after the Challenge has wrapped up, summarizing the skills and experience you've gained by participating that you can easily add to your resume or LinkedIn profile.

Of course, most Challenges also offer prizes for winners and finalists, ranging from cool, career-related experiences to cash!

Generally, Challenges is open to students and recent graduates who have yet to fully "hatch" their careers. Within each Challenge, the Challenge rules will stipulate the exact entry requirements.

After the submission period ends, judges will get to work judging, rating, and ranking your submissions. Criteria is specified within each Challenge, including the judging rubric.

New Challenges are posted on a regular and on-going basis. Be sure to register when new Challenges launch.

. And we'll let you know as soon as new Challenges are available.

Brands, Employers and Organizations

I'm an employer that is looking to recruit, how do I launch a Challenge?

Challenges is an excellent way to build your employer brand, fill your talent pipeline, and screen potential candidates. to learn more about TalentEgg.ca and to launch a Challenge.

Organizations utilize Challenges to leverage the intellectual capital of students and grads to provide innovative ideas, solutions and submissions. to launch a Challenge.

For today’s students and grads, the prospect of entering the workforce is incredibly daunting. Challenges helps ease the school-to-work transition and our partners benefit from that association.

It’s a win-win. Students and grads gain experience and prizes, and you gain fans for life. to launch a Challenge.

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