If you could ask Canada’s top CEOs a question about youth employment, what would you ask?

Communication, Presentation, Critical thinking
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The Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCCE) is challenging Gen Y to share their thoughts on youth employment in Canada. They’re looking for bright, passionate young Canadians to put a face and voice to their generation and the issues they face as they enter the workforce.

Whether you’re worried about your career prospects, concerned with the economy or the changing job market, this is your chance to ask questions and be heard.


The Question

If you could ask Canada’s top CEOs a question about youth employment, what would you ask?

The school-to-work transition is an exciting but daunting time in a young person's life: Canada’s youth unemployment rate is at 12.6% – nearly double the national average. The time for change has arrived.

The CCCE is planning a conference on Canada’s future labour and job market for young Canadians – and they want to share your thoughts, hopes and concerns for the future. By accepting this challenge, you’ll help to inspire the business leaders, educators and government officials in attendance to take action and start creating more opportunities for young people.


What the Canadian Council of Chief Executives is looking for

The CCCE wants to give you a chance to pose your most-pressing employment questions. Select the topic you are most passionate about:

  • Canada’s changing labour market
  • Career opportunities for young people
  • The challenges of finding a stable and rewarding career in the 21st century
  • The impact technology has on jobs and the workplace
  • The availability of internships, co-op opportunities and apprenticeships
  • What employers, educators and governments can do to better equip young people for the future

You will be asked to put your communication, presentation and critical thinking skills to work. Submit a 30 second video of yourself, as well as an engaging and thoughtful written statement that explains why you chose to ask your question and how your topic will impact youth for the next 5, 10 and 25 years. Find more details about submissions here.

The CCCE will be assessing your submission based on the following criteria:

  • Relevance (50)
  • Clarity (25)
  • Originality (25)

In order to impress the judges, your submission should be thoughtful but concise – you’ll need to identify an issue, take a stand, and articulate your question in a clear, compelling way. Your video submission should also represent who you are and where you come from – consider shooting your video submission in a location that reflects these aspects.

The top 4 Challenge submissions will win an all-expenses paid trip to CCCE’s one-day conference in Ottawa, where they will have the opportunity to meet with some of Canada’s most influential leaders. For the runners up, there are 20 additional prizes total!